Swimming Pool Equipment
Swimming Pool Equipment
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MultiCyclone pre-filters up to 80% of the filter’s incoming dirt load easing the workload of the swimming pool filter. As the MultiCyclone intercepts more and more dirt, the flow rate remains unchanged.


These Premium Vacuum Hoses are spirally wound and frequently welded for heavy duty use and long life. The free spinning swivel cuffs eliminate tangles and kinks.


The S75 skimmer is a general purpose skimmer which can be used in concrete, fibreglass and above ground pool
installations. It has a built in overflow drain port to assist the prevention of flooding, during heavy rain. A horizontal 50mm
suction take-off reduces the suction lift demands on the pump, saving energy.

  • Ultraviolet disinfection system can sterilize water in a safe and efficient way, without the addition of any harmful chemicals.
  • UV Disinfection is caused by the damaging effect of UV light on the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) – the genetic material found in all living things. The resulting damage prevents multiplication and destroys the ability of micro organisms to cause infection.

Ideal for picking up leaves and debris from the surface and the floor of the pool.


The test kits utilitise the latest in tablet test technology using quick dissolving DPD Chlorine test tablets for accurate results.




Design to cut open the hard membranes of "Black Spot" algae so that an algaecide can effectively kill the algae.


With no sharp edges and long life Nylon bristle, this pool broom is ideal for brushing the pool's walls to dislodge algae and dirt.

-Long life nylon bristles


Design with rounded and bristles for vinyl pools, this Brush Vacuum Head will brush as well as vacuum the pool floor


Waterco Flexible Vacuum Head 

Weighted for optimum hydraulic balance and ease of use, this Waterco flexible vacuum head allows you to vacuum dirt and leaves quickly and efficiently from the pool floor.


These extendable Aluminumum poles are designed small or alarge pools, allowing easy access t every part of your pool with a vacuum head.

The pole uses a standard internal Sureliack Cam system to lock the pole at various lengths.


The Waterking Automatic Tablet Feeder represents the latest developments in chemical feed technology. Its robust construction, corrosion and UV resistance, and reliance on one simple venturi operation, make Waterking the obvious choice in automatic pool sanitization.


Compact in design and lightweight in size, it’s superior cleaning efficiency means you no longer have to endure the daily hassle of manually cleaning your pool. Specially designed to save water, lower energy bills and reduce chemical costs, the Trident ECO robotic pool cleaner is considered one of the most economically efficient cleaners on the market.