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  • 2units of Empty Bottle 3gallon
  • Suitable for water dispenser bottle type
  • 2units of Empty Bottle 5gallon
  • With 2units of RO Cap Bottle
  • Suitable for water dispenser bottle type
  • Ideally for daily usage or long term storage
  • This product is designed to hold up to 5 gallons and lets you store your own purified water for your restaurant, office or home
  • 1/4" inches Standard Tube Hose.
  • Suitable for all conventional water dispenser & water filter system.
  • Durable & high quality.
  • Safe & food grade material.
  • Length: 3 METERS.

Multi Port Valve Post Size and ablity to Backwash

  • Larger port size reduces presure loss through the port
  • Allowing a better flow of water and providing a powerful backwash for filter maintenance