NANOTEC Nano AG+ Carbon Block

Nano Ag+ Carbon block is a compressed granular activated carbon coated
with Silver Sol for 99.9% antibacterial function


Maximum Flow0.75 GPM /2.8 LPM
Maximum Pressure50 PSI
Service Lifespan5,000 litres

Product Description

High quality carbon block, strong adsorption, good water quality and taste.

Low grade carbon particles, the filtration is average, and the water taste is poor

Stronger Absorbility

Product Show

Alkaline water has ultra-hydrating properties compared to normal water because the molecules of alkaline water are smaller than normal water. Alkaline water contains various minerals such as magnesium and calcium which helps to maintain healthy bones. One of the most important benefits of alkaline water is that it neutralizes the acidity in our body lowering excessive acidic content in the stomach and gastro- intestinal tract

  • Yellowish water Free
  • Peculiar smell Free
  • Colloid Free
  • Chlorine Free
  • Odor Free
  • Volatile Organic Compounds

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