GAC Plus

GAC Plus granular activated carbon has porous structure that effectively removes dissolved organic matter, pesticides and chlorine in raw water source, while significantly improves water quality.

Anthracite-Pure is a top quality coal that consists of hard,durable coal particles to ensure fixed and reliable filtration performance. It is used for turbidity and suspended, solid removal. Due to its lighter specific gravity than most of the filter media, Anthracite-Pure is suitable to be paired up as dual or multiple media layer filtration system to enhance the filtration efficiency.

  • Removal of chlorine
  • Removal of taste and odour problems
  •  Removal of organic and non polar contaminants

  • Approvals and Certifications

    • ENI12915
    • NSF 61 Standard
    • AWWA B604
    • Halal certified
    • Kosher certified
    • Food Chemical Codex

    GAC-PLUS Specification

    Apparent Density460 kg/m3
    Effective Size1.70 - 0.43mm
    Methylene Blue Adsorption14g/100g
    Total Surface Area900m2/g
    Ball-pan Hardness96%
    Effective Size 100.6 mm
    Uniformity coefficient< 1.7
    Ash ContentMax. 15%

    Anthracite-Pure Applications

    • Resident el point of entry (POE)
    • Industrial process water
    • Aquaculture filtration
    • Agriculture and Poultry farm
    • Waste water treatment

    Multi-Media Filtration

    Anthracite-Pure often used along with other type of media (multi-media system) or by itself (mono media system). It has large specific area due to its rich angular and complicated form, which make Anthracite-Pure an ideal filter media for the top most layer of a filtration system.

    Anthracite-Pure Advantages

    • High physical strength
    • High service flows
    • Prevention of mud ball forming at subsequent layer
    • High resistance to cracks and easy backwash