Micron Top Mount Sand Fiberglass Filters

Waterco's digitally controlled filament winding machine faultlessly winds continuous strands of high quality fibreglass filament under controlled tension filament to create a seamless one-pieces vessel with refined consistency and superior quality. There are no welds or seams or special tank linings which can corrode or electrolyse. 

Micron media filter features an hydraulically efficient lateral system, which facilitates energy and water savings.

  • Fish Tail lateral system - hydraulically balanced flow and backwashing
  • Water saving up to 30%
  • Ideal for low powered and energy efficient pumps
  • Corrosion and UV resistant
  • Pressure rated at 250kPa, 400kPa available upon request

Technical Specifications

Filter ModelValve SizeInner
Filter AreaBed DepthFiltration Flow RatesMax FlowMedia VolumeGlass PearlsEcopure GlassSand 16/30Zeoplus 0.6-1.2mm
S50040 mm500 mm0.20 m²280 mm120 lpm160 lpm65 L105 kg86 kg95 kg78 kg
S60040 mm600 mm0.28 m²295 mm168 lpm224 lpm106 L171 kg141 kg155 kg127 kg
S60250 mm600 mm0.28 m²295 mm168 lpm224 lpm106 L171 kg141 kg155 kg127 kg
S70040 mm700 mm0.38 m²340 mm228 lpm304 lpm158 L254 kg210 kg231 kg190 kg
S70250 mm700 mm0.38 m²340 mm228 lpm304 lpm154 L248 kg205 kg225 kg185 kg
S75050 mm750 mm0.44 m²340 mm254 lpm352 lpm175 L282 kg233 kg256 kg210 kg
S80050 mm800 mm0.50 m²420 mm300 lpm400 lpm233 L375 kg310 kg340 kg280 kg
S90050 mm900 mm0.64 m²420 mm284 lpm512 lpm322 L518 kg428 kg470 kg386 kg


Media Density