UV Sterilizers

The Sol clear UV steriliser uses environmentally friendly ultraviolet technology for the disinfection of water. It provides disinfection without the addition of any chemicals.

Applicable to:

  • Fountains
  • Water features
  • Koi ponds

Technical Specification

ModelFlow Rate (gpm)Flow Rate (lpm)Quartz Thimble Size
Inlet & Outlet SizeUV LampLamp
Box Size
Solclear 902490D24.5 X 9101 1/2" BSPT54040WUV-6190 X 280
Solclear 15040150D24.5 X 9101 1/2" BSPT54040WUV-6190 X 280

Lamp life : 9000 hours                                                                                                                            Input voltage : 100-240Vac/50-60Hz

General View of Solclear 90

General View of Solclear 150

ModelABCDInlet & Outlet Size
Solclear 90780mm63.5mm115mm925mm1 1/2" BSP
Solclear 150786mm175mm165mm926mm1 1/2" BSP

NOTE: Line cord and lamp lead wire omitted for clarity. All figure tolerance 1%.

Notes :

  1. 1Do not allow Solclear UV sterilizer to freeze.
  2. Recommended ambient temperature: 2°C-40°C (36°F-104°F).
  3. Input voltage is 230VAC (190-260VAC) / 50-60Hz.
  4. Maximum recommended operating pressure is 100psi (6.9bar).
  5. The system and installation shall comply with applicable state and local regulations.

Installation  Diagram


ItemDescriptionSolclear 90
(Part No.)
Solclear 150
(Part No.)

1Water Proof Strainer6448964489
2Aluminium Nut725110641725110641
3Lamp Socket & Lead 725110514725110514
4Germicidal Ultraviolet Lamp725110425725110425
5O-ring BS212 Silicone725912120725912120
6Quartz Sleeve725110413725110413
7Stainless Steel Chamber--
8-aMetal Clip-725120042
8-bPlastic Clip725120041-


  1. Install Solclear UV sterilizer in a readily accessible and well-lit location to facilitate inspection and maintenance
  2. Inspect for hidden electrical wiring or plumbing prior to drilling holes.
  3. Attach mounting clips to the wall.
  4. Insert chamber through mounting clips.
  5. Connect to plumbing.
  6. Install quartz sleeve and lamp.

Note: Avoid touching the sides of the quartz sleeve and lamp, handle by the ends only.
Ultraviolet lamp and quartz sleeve are easily damaged. Pay attention when removing or replacing lamp and quartz sleeve.

  • Remove the aluminium / PVC nut (2).
  • Slide carefully the quartz sleeve (6) from one end to another end of the chamber.
  • Slide the O-ring (5) at the open end of quartz sleeve for Soclear 90 & 150.
  • For Solclear 300, please put O-ring (5) at the both end of quartz sleeve.
  • Tighten the aluminium / PVC nut (2) hand tight.
  • Slide the lamp (4) into the quartz sleeve.
  • Connect the lamp to the lamp socket.
  • Tighten the water proof strainer (1) into the aluminium / PVC nut (2).

  1. Turn on the water and inspect for leakages. Rectify as necessary.
  2. Plug the ballast into an electrical outlet. An electrical outlet protected by a Ground Fault Interrupt (GFI) circuit is recommended.
  3. Run water through the chamber for 5-10 minutes prior to use.


  1. NOTE: Avoid touching the sides of the quartz sleeve and lamp, handle by the ends only.
  2. Disconnect power.
  3. Turn water off and open down stream of system to relieve pressure.
  4. Remove the water proof strainer (1) and unscrew the aluminium / PVC nut (2).
  5. Carefully withdraw lamp (4) approximately 2 inches from chamber (7).
  6. While holding lamp end carefully, remove lamp socket (3).
  7. Carefully withdraw lamp from chamber (7).
  8. Carefully remove O-ring (5) from the end of the quartz sleeve (6).
  9. Carefully remove the quartz sleeve (6).
  10. To reinstall, follow step 8 through 1 in reverse.


To operate the Solclear UV sterilizer properly and attain its maximum efficiency, appropriate maintenance is to be performed as follows:

I. Quartz sleeve cleaning or replacement:
  • Quartz sleeve is to be cleaned every 6-12 months with glass cleaner.
  • Quartz sleeve is to be replaced every 24 months.
II. UV lamp replacement is recommended every 8,000-9,000 hours (approximately 12 months for continuous service) for Solclear 90 & 150, or 13,000 hours (approximately 1.5 years of continuous service) for Solclear 300 of operation.

Electronic Ballast (for solclear 90 & 150 only)


Operation VoltageAC230V (190-260)
Input Frequency50-60Hz
Input Amp0.3A
Power Factor> 0.9
Output Power10-40 W
Output Frequency45kHz
Start ModeInstant Start
Efficiency> 83%
Display Operation SettingDigital LCD, setting program by 1 button
Peak Coefficient 1.6
Ballast Size238mm x 113mm x 77mm
Operating Ambient Temperature0-40c
IP RatingIP 55
Compatible UV Lamps20-40W

Installation Instruction

The ballast has 3 ports:

  1. Dry contact signal output port
  2. Power input port
  3. Lamp output port
  4. The no. 1 port is a relay dry contact output. When the ballast is working normally, the dry contact is shorted, otherwise the dry contact is open. The withstand voltage is 250V, ampere rating is 5A. It can be connected to PLC, solenoid valve and others. If it is not used, please put the threaded cap on to avoid humidity and dust.
  5. The no. 2 port is power input port: standard power input port with 3pins. When plug the power cable into the input port, please push the plug into deep bottom of the port to have good contact.
  6. The no. 3 port is the power output for UV lamp
  7. # Note: please disconnect power before unplug all connectors.
  8. There are two ways to mount the ballast: (1) with hanging plate and (2) double sided tape.

Digital panel display operation instruction

  1. Press 'the button and hold it for 5 seconds, the timer will reset to the factory defaults.
  2. Quick press the button, the LED shows the used time of the lamp, then quick press the button again it shows the start-up times. If left idle for 2 seconds, the LED will return to show the remaining time
  3. When the remaining time is less than 300 hours, the ballast will sound alarm, and the LED will blink. Quick press the button, the ballast will stop sounding
  4. When the lamp life expired, the ballast sounds alarm, LED turns red, the lamp is turned off.
  5. When no lamp is connected or the lamp is damaged, the ballast sounds alarm and LED turn red.
  6. When situation as item 4 or item 5 happens, please turn to a new lamp and reset according to step 1 as above

Troubleshooting for Electronic Ballast

1When the ballast is connected to power, there is no display on LCD.Please check the power is connected properly.
2When the ballast is connected to power, the lamp is not lighted up, but the ballast alarm sounds.Please turn off power, check the connections between the ballast and the lamp separately, and tighten them again.