A direct piping three temperature hot, Normal and cold floor standing type water dispenser, a specially designed 4 stages filtration system for purification of your water source that fed to direct piping water dispenser units. 

With these carefully selected and best matched filters install in water dispensers, water from your main fed water pipe flow thru the 4 different water filters before it enter your water dispenser reservoir tanks, this effectively removes and significantly reduces possible contamination that might be found in your water source, this ensure that your water dispenser will always produce only refreshing taste and high quality filtered drinking water.

Hydronator Water Dispenser : Model Heavy~X


Heavy~X Plus (MODEL P-2000) : 345cm (W) × 420cm (L) × 1110cm (H) 

Heavy~X (MODEL P-2001) : 345mm(W) x 420mm(D) x 525mm(H)

General Information

MODEL P-2000P-2001
Heating Capacity
Hot Water Temperature
82c ~ 90c
82c ~ 90c
Chilling Capacity
18L/hour (chilled water under 10 degree c)
9L/hour (chilled water under 10 degree c)
Chilling System
1/15 Hp Daewoo Compressor
1/15 Hp DaewooCompressor
Capacity (Each Tank)
Normal : Unlimited
Cold Tank : 9 Liters
Hot Tank : 8 Liters
Normal : Unlimited
Cold Tank : 5.6 Liters
Hot Tank : 2 Liters
Dimension345mm(W) x 420mm(D) x 1110mm(H)345mm(W) x 420mm(D) x 525mm(H)

Water Dispenser Filtration System


  • Double secure prevents from overheat or dry-heat. (by sensor and thermostat)
  • Double secure against water overflow. (by floating valve)
  • Automatic control for purified water refill.
  • Each hot and chilled water has its own individual tank.
  • Normal water direct from the filter
  • Hot water tap with safety device.
  • Color: Black with Dark Blue / White with Light Gray

Benefits of Direct Pipe in Water Dispenser

Sample Installation

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