NANOTEC Aqua Clear PP Sediment

This Sediment Filter removes undissolved particles from feed water. And protects clogging
Pre filter and Post filter.


Maximum Flow0.75 GPM /2.8 LPM
Maximum Pressure50 PSI
Service Lifespan5,000 litres

Product Description

100% high purity polypropylene, surfactant free, binder free, and adhesive free. 3 layers, outside-in-flow and step-by-step micron rating that effectively retains particles and extends the filter life with a much lower pressure drop.

3-stage graduated density filtration

Efficient filtration

  • Effectively filter out sediments, rust, dirt, coarse sand, fine sand, and silt, amongst others.

Product Show

Purify the water by filtering various oxidised Substance such as rust, heavy metal, dirt, sand, mud and other microscopic impurities

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