Self Priming Jet Pumps


Product Feature

  • Suitable install at outdoors.
  • Energy saving, High reliability.
  • With continuous duty Thermally Protected.
  • A self-priming peripheral pump for both Hot and Cold water.
  • Advanced structure with Lower noise.
  • Brass impeller, stainless steel insert and shaft, which are anti-rust.
  • 100% copper winding Motor.


  • A PZ-series product can achieve water supply at steady pressure and provide steady water pressure for User.
  • A thermal protector id installed on the pump body to detect the temperature.
  • DRY RUN PROTECTION-The pump will stop when running without water.
  • The water pump is protected by its base and enclosure, features by weather-proofing, damp-proofing, and low noise.
  • This pump features high lift, quiet operation, small footprint, light weight, compact structure, and easy installation.
  • It's energy efficient, hygienic, and electric safe ideal for house-hold application.

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