Super Oxygen Plus Generator

Benefits & Highlight:

  • Fully removed of odor & smell
  • Smart timer
  • 304 Stainless Steel corrosion resistance
  • Nylon Handle 

Suitable for: 




Strictly Control for Each Parts

Good product dome from strict control of Quality and ever Detail.

Air Purify

How to do for the ice factory, pharmaceutical factory, cosmetics factory, chemical factory, etc.

Water Treatment

Reduce bod & cod. remove heavy metal, bleach, discolor etc.

More Applications

Factory, medical, laundry, restaurants, hotel, school & etc

From factories to medical institutions, and then to services entertainment, hotel, restaurants, schools, shopping mall and other industries in space sterilization.

  1. Super Oxygen Plus Generator is an inorganic molecule with the chemical formula 03.
  2. Super Oxygen Plus Generator can be use for sterilization, disinfection, reducing BOD & COD, oxidize heavy metals, bleaching, decoloration and remove odour.
  3. Super Oxygen Plus Generator is easy breaking down to be 02 without second pollution.

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