Super Oxygen

Benefits & Highlight:

  • Fully removed of odor & smell
  • Smart timer
  • 304 Stainless Steel corrosion resistance
  • Nylon Handle 

Suitable for: 


Model Cooling Type Source Max Tank CapacityConcentrationPower:
Quartz Tube
Air Pump
Air Pump

OXY 500Cooling FanNature Air1 m³5 G80 Watt25 Watt45 LPM
OXY 1000Cooling FanNature Air2 m³10 G120 Watt35 Watt55 LPM
OXY 2000Cooling FanNature Air
5 m³20 G160 Watt45 Watt70 LPM

Efficient Sterilization

Powerful Water Treatment Purification Function

Using High-Purity Material Quartz Tube Set

Quality Parts


Super Oxygen

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