AquaLife Fish Pond System


Biological Filter

Cost - effective biological filter

Aquabiome has been engineered specifically for ponds and water gardens. Aquabiome provides mechanical and biological filtration in a single housing. Its ability to support dense populations of nitrifying bacteria, its reliability and easy maintenance, makes Aquabiome especially suitable for high density recirculation systems. 

Excellent Nitrification and mechanical filtration.

Hydraulically efficient filter design, balanced slotted laterals to maximize water flow and filtration.

Corrosion resistant and UV stabilised for outdoor installation.

Air assisted hydraulic backwash, saving time and water.

Superior Quality
Aquabiome fibreglass filters embody the latest in fibreglass winding technology

Nitrogen Cycle

The cycle begins when fish eat and then excrete ammonia. Bacteria in the biological filter eats the ammonia and excretes nitrite. Nitrite is also toxic to fish and needs to be removed. Another type of bacteria in the filter eats nitrite and excretes nitrate. Nitrate is non-toxic to fish in small quantities and is used by plants as fertilizer. The entire cycle then repeats itself upon completion.


Simply click and clean for a sparkling pool

Dual Filtration

ZeoPlus provides excellent mechanical filtration of suspended particles. In addition to trapping the larger particulates between the grains of the ZeoPlus (similar to the filtration mechanism of sand), ZeoPlus is also capable of filtering the smaller particulates by catching them within its micro porous structure and surface irregularities. It is this dual filtration action that helps ZeoPlus achieves superior water clarity

Ammonia Removal 

Ammonia is released whenever fish waste or fish food breaks down in the pond water. This chemical is very toxic to the fishes and it should be removed immediately or it needs to be converted to nitrates by nitrifying bacterias. ZeoPlus is particularly suitable for koi ponds where high levels of ammonia are an ever present danger.


UV Sterilisers

Multi-purpose ultra-violet waterdisinfection 

The Solclear UV steriliser uses environmentally friendly ultraviolet technology for the disinfection of water. It provides disinfection without the addition of any chemicals. Applicable to:

Water features
Koi ponds

The combination of Aquabiome biological filter, ClearPond filter and Solclear UV steriliser creates a synergy for a complete water filtration system for your aquaponics needs. With each equipment complements one another, a healthy ecosystem between aquatic livestocks and crops is established.

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