Solclear UV Sterilisers

Multi-purpose ultra-violet waterdisinfection 

The Solclear UV steriliser uses environmentally friendly ultraviolet technology for the disinfection of water. It provides disinfection without the addition of any chemicals. Applicable to:

Water features
Koi ponds

The combination of Aquabiome biological filter, ClearPond filter and Solclear UV steriliser creates a synergy for a complete water filtration system for your aquaponics needs. With each equipment complements one another, a healthy ecosystem between aquatic livestocks and crops is established.


ModelFlow Rate
Flow Rate
Quartz Thimble
 size (mm)
Inlet & Outlet size UV Lamp Lamp Wattage Standard BallastsBallast Size
Solclear 902490D24.5x9101 ½” BSPT54040WUVC-2040T238 x 113 x 77
Solclear 15040150D24.5x9101 ½” BSPT54040WUVC-2040T238 x 113 x 77
Solclear 30080300D30 x 9102” UnionT6125 (212564)125WUV-24450 x 350 x 205 

Soclear 90 & Soclear 150

  • Lamp life : 9,000 hours
  • Input voltage : 230VAC (190-260VAC) / 50-60Hz
Solclear 300
  • Lamp life : 13,000 hours
  • Input Voltage: 230VAC / 50-60Hz 


Model A BCDInlet & Outlet size
Solclear 9078063.51159251 ½” BSP
Model A BCDInlet & Outlet size
Solclear 1507861751659251 ½” BSP
Model A BCDEFInlet & Outlet size
Solclear 3009467486602682984262” Union


UV Steriliser (Solclear) 1 year 1 year